5 DIY gift voucher upgrades for your loved ones


Written by Maria Chiara Tarsia on 9 Jun 2022

Digital gift vouchers have become one of the best gifts to give and receive in past years - and for good reason! Purchasing them is super simple and the recipient is able to use them to purchase any product they desire. No more returns or exchanges online or in-store!  Naturally, a Lentiamo gift voucher fulfills all the criteria needed for a great present, so get one now for yourself or a loved one! 

A unique gift voucher for glasses

Truth be told, gift vouchers can be a little generic. That's why we prepared 5 DIY voucher upgrades to turn something basic into something beautiful! A personal gift with minimal effort, now offered digitally to do our part for the environment. So what can you do? Keep on reading!

1. Buy a Lentiamo gift voucher of chosen value

2. Email it to yourself

3. Write the code you receive on your DIY voucher


1. Funny gifts

Do you think that your loved one will use their voucher to purchase glasses? Make them laugh by adding a miniature eye exam chart on the front (called a 'Snellen chart' for all you Wikipedia buffs). Are these letters for ants? On the other side of the voucher, add a personal note and the voucher code from your email, and then your gift is ready!

2. Gifts for bookworms

Does your recipient use reading glasses often? Design a voucher that celebrates their passion for reading! Just grab an old magazine or book to make it happen - create a small envelope from the pages, then place a handwritten note and the voucher code inside. Alternatively, why not create a personalised collage of magazine clippings on one side of the voucher with the voucher code written on the back? The possibilities are endless.

3. Simple paper eyeglasses 

Are you a creative person who isn’t afraid of a little harder DIY? Try creating a glasses cut-out! You’ll need thick paper, coloured markers, a scissor and a steady hand - and no running! Cut out and create a paper replica of your favourite glasses and then write the voucher code inside the frames!

4. Crafts for kids

Kids are an endless source of great ideas and inextinguishable enthusiasm. Let them take over! An original and a super cute voucher is right around the corner, which is sure to please mums, dads and grandparents - make sure to supervise the glitter use!

5. Get gift inspiration online

If you’re still searching for more tips, the internet is your friend. You can find a huge variety of inspiration for DIY gift voucher enhancements. There are also many sites that let you create your own voucher in a few clicks. Just add the Lentiamo voucher code, et voila! See for yourself!


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