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The 3 best Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Kristýna Pokorná

Medically reviewed by Kristýna Pokorná, Optician , on 25 Nov 2019. Written by Leonie Bauer

It's almost Christmas, but you have yet to find the right presents for your loves ones?

Lentiamo has chosen the best 3 gifts that you can find in our e-shop – with these you will surely make even the most picky friends and family members happy. 

1. Designer Sunglasses for 2020

What about designer sunglasses for winter sports or the first rays of warm sunshine in spring 2020? Lentiamo has a huge selection of designer sunglasses for you.

Not sure which sunglasses to wear in 2020? Read our blog and find out the sunglasses trends 2020.

Our Sunglasses Recommendations for 2020

2. Luxury Sunglasses

If you want to give something special at Christmas, we recommend our luxurious sunglasses. These are real eye-catchers and will make your loved ones look like stars.

Our Luxury Sunglasses Recommendations

3. State-of-the-art Contact Lenses

Although contact lenses may not be the first idea when it comes to Christmas gifts, they are still a very useful present.

Perhaps your loved ones have said that they would like to try new lenses of a certain brand or that their favourite lenses are too expensive? Then we have the perfect gift for them!

Our Top 3 Recommendations for Contact Lenses

Lentiamo wishes you lots of fun shopping and a merry Christmas!

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