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7 reasons why new glasses are the ideal Christmas present

Jakub Odcházel

Medically reviewed by Jakub Odcházel, Chief Optician, on 7 Dec 2020. Written by Leonie Bauer

Your current glasses, or those of your loved one, have long since passed their best days and are crying out for replacement? Then it's time for new glasses.

Now before you think that spectacles are out of the question as a Christmas present, read our 7 reasons why it's worth buying prescription glasses as a high-quality gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Here’s why new glasses are the perfect gift

  • New year, new glasses

    As we all know, Christmas takes place at the end of the year. A perfect opportunity to part with old and broken items and replace them with high quality products. This also applies to glasses. Why not take advantage of Christmas to buy a chic new pair of glasses that exactly matches your eyesight and taste?

  • Blue light glasses are a must-have in 2021

    Whether you call them blue filter glasses or computer glasses – they all block or filter blue light coming from digital screens..

    Without protection, blue screen light reaches our cornea and retina unhindered and leads to tired eyes, headaches, blurred vision and possibly even insomnia.

    Blue light glasses provide immediate relief and allow you to continue to use your computer, your mobile phone and your TV for as long as you want. At Lentiamo you can easily add a blue light filter to your new spectacles during the ordering process.

  • A new spectacle prescription requires new lenses

    The shape of your eyes and the severity of your visual impairment can change over time. So if you haven't had a vision test for a long time, it may well be that your old glasses no longer have the dioptres that your eyes need.

    The slight discrepancy between your visual acuity and the spectacle lenses you wear can not only damage your eyes in the long term, but can also aggravate your visual defect. In addition, you can put yourself at risk when you drive or ski with your glasses on.

    You should therefore consider having an eye test at least every two years to determine your current spectacle values.
  • Buying glasses online is fast and easy

    Especially if you want to give yourself a Christmas present, buying designer glasses online is a good idea. To find out your prescription values, visit an optician for an eye test as described above, or look at your glasses prescription or lens prescription.

    When you order a pair of glasses online you select

    1. the type of your visual impairment ( short or long-sightedness)
    2. the desired coating of the spectacle lenses (anti-reflective, hydrophobic or blue light filter coating)
    3. your parameters (sphere, cylinder, cylinder axis and pupil distance)
    4. and your desired index (the thickness and UV protection of the lens)

    Afterwards, the new glasses are manufactured by Lentiamo opticians on our premises and sent to your home free of charge. Simple, isn't it?

    how to shop glasses online at Lentiamo
  • New glasses are a high-quality, long-lasting gift

    Glasses are a real luxury gift. The frames of world-famous brands such as Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Dior or Ray-Ban not only look damn chic, but also provide a durable, sturdy companion for your daily adventures that will keep you happy for a long time. So why not give excellent vision as a Christmas present this year?
  • Scratched lenses are unsightly and unsafe

    Your glasses, or those of your loved one, have been in use for many years and show considerable signs of wear? Then it's time for new glasses. Scratches not only look unsightly, but are also a sign of a lack of impact resistance. This can be particularly dangerous during sports, when small stones are thrown up and hit your spectacle lenses.

    So make sure that your new glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate lenses, which are made of extremely sturdy plastic that weighs practically nothing.
  • New glasses are a fashion upgrade

    Technology alone can't guarantee perfect spectacles. Your new glasses should of course also look great and flatter your face. Our video will therefore show you what facial shapes there are, how to find out yours and which glasses suit your face.

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    Plus, brand new glasses are a wonderful way to reflect the latest trends. So how about urban metal glasses, wireframe spectacles or 70s frames with a discreet cat-eye design?

Has this been enough inspiration for now? Then browse through the large selection of designer glasses from Letiamo and find your new glasses online.

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