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Try out glasses and sunglasses online with a virtual try-on

Anna Sucha

Medically reviewed by Anna Sucha, Optometrist, on 28 Oct 2020. Written by Leonie Bauer

Are you wondering what glasses suit you? Uploading a photo is outdated, now you can try on glasses with a digital mirror to find out what glasses suit your face! So why not shop for affordable glasses and sunglasses online – with the help of Lentiamo's virtual try-on for glasses!

How do I use the virtual try-on for glasses and sunglasses?

If you want to try on a pair of our glasses virtually, just follow these steps:

  1. Browse through our large selection glasses and sunglasses.
  2. Click on the blue button in the lower right corner that says 'Virtual Try-on'.
  3. If prompted, allow access to your webcam.
Not sure how to turn on your webcam? Please make sure that your camera is not covered and that you allow us to access your webcam. Please also read the instructions for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

You will see a new window, in which your face is reflected. At the bottom, you will find various suggestions that you can choose from. Simply click through all the models and see which glasses type suits your face shape and which spectacles you prefer.

Virtual try-on on Lentiamo

Another way to try on glasses at Lentiamo …

… is to click on a specific product page.

  1. Click on the Virtual Try-on' button
  2. Choose to use either a live image or an uploaded photo of yourself.
  3. Once you have found a pair of glasses that you like, click on 'Add to basket' or 'Select lenses'.

The shipping of your glasses and sunglasses is on us!

How realistic is the Lentiamo virtual try-on?

Our virtual try-on is one of the most advanced digital mirrors for face recognition and glasses fitting. As soon as you switch on your webcam, the virtual mirror scans your face and puts on the glasses you have chosen, true to the original. Rest assured that we will not collect or store any data.


Try it out for yourself and leave a comment!


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