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Looking for a special Christmas present? Don't miss out on sports winter sunglasses

Many sunglasses lovers adore their shades in summer – and put them in the closet when autumn arrives. True to the motto: “The sun rays in winter are not as strong as in summer.” This, however, is a dangerous assumption, as many ophthalmologists have found out.

Our eyes can be severely damaged also by the winter sun. This is of course particularly true for skiers and snowboarders, who expose their eyes to long-term health risks such as macular degeneration, eye cancer and complete blindness due to the reflection of the sun's rays in the snow.

But also outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, cyclists and year-round sun worshippers should by all means protect themselves from winter UV radiation.

The solution? Winter sunglasses that combine excellent quality, impact resistance and design.

Why are sunglasses important in winter and during holiday winter sports?

Even on cloudy winter days the sun's rays can pass through clouds and during the winter snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays, according to the Pharmacy Times.

As you can see in the graphic below, long UV exposure can therefore damage our retina, our cornea, our conjunctiva, our lens and the delicate skin around our eyes.

The damaging effets of UV rays on your eyes

But the sun is not the only culprit in winter. Snow glare, dirt and wind also cause painful irritation of the eye.

Reflections in the snow may lead to retinal burns due to their extreme intensity if you don't protect your eyes during winter holidays.. The same applies to tiny particles of dirt. Those can quickly get into your eyes, impair your vision or cause inflammation.

Which sports require which sports sunglasses?

Is your partner an enthusiastic skier, your grandpa a passionate angler? Or does your best friend love cycling in all weathers?

Sports sunglasses are a high-quality Christmas present that protects your eyes not only from the sun. People who focus on wet surfaces need polarised sunglasses to minimise glare and enhance contrast. Cyclists and hikers need excellent sunglasses in both summer and winter to protect against sunlight, snow glare and dirt.

What sports do your loved ones do?

ski sunglasses
Oakley Turbine Rotor

Skiers, snowboarders and snow hikers need protective glasses against wind, UV radiation and snow reflections.

Shop ski sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses
Arnette Hand Up

Anglers, fishermen and water sports fans are highly exposed to glare. This can be reduced with polarised sunglasses.

Click here for fishing sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses

For those who love to go cycling, mountain biking or walking in winter, there are special sports sunglasses. These protect against dirt, wind and sunlight.

Browse cycling sunglasses

Why are snow sunglasses the ideal Christmas gift?

Snow sunglasses in winter might be a great Christmas present for your family and friends . Believe it or not, winter shades are among the most popular Christmas gift tips of our customers!

With good reason. The health of the eyes is essential for an increasing number of people. They know that sports sunglasses are important to wear in winter – especially because of their excellent safety features. But designer sunglasses are also regarded as a durable luxury gift that can be worn all year round as a fashion accessory.

If you are looking for fashionable winter sunglasses as a Christmas present for your loved ones, how about a discount of up to 40% on the Lentiamo Black Friday weekend?

Which are the best snow sunglasses for winter sports?

Sunglasses provide a vertical protective barrier for the eyes, the effectiveness of which strongly depends on the radiation transmission of the lenses, the geometry of the sunglasses and the exposure conditions. The opticians at Lentiamo therefore recommend winter sports sunglasses which provide an excellent effectiveness.

So don't miss the trendy models from Oakley, Adidas, Arnette & Co. and send your favourite model to your home for free!

Nevertheless, all high-quality designer sunglasses offer you maximum UV 400 protection. If you want to take eye comfort to the next level, choose a sunglass model that is polarized lenses to minimise glare in snow and on wet surfaces!


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Leonie is the head of content at Lentiamo. She researches medical content, discusses complex matters with our opticians and creates educational texts for our blog, glossary and various guides. Her speciality is to make complex ophthalmological issues understandable.


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