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FUN contact lenses (2 lenses)

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  • Aqua Blue

  • Aquamarine

  • Aristocat

  • Battlescar with prism ballast

  • Be on fire

  • Beautiful Brown

  • Big Round Eyes

  • Blood Drop

  • Bloody Zombie

  • Blue Fire

  • Blue Hurricane

  • Blue Ocean

  • Blue Vampire

  • Blue Wave

  • Brilliant blue

  • Brilliant brown

  • Butterfly Effect blue

  • Butterfly Effect brown

  • Butterfly Effect grey

  • Butterfly Effect green

  • Butterfly Effect purple

  • Cat In Fire with prism ballast

  • Cat In Pink

  • Cat´s Eye

  • Catwalk

  • Catwoman

  • Circle Around green

  • Clouds in the sky

  • Cold Blood

  • Dark Blood Drop

  • Demons Date

  • Devilish Cat green with prism ballast

  • Devilish Cat rosé with Prism ballast

  • Diamond Fever Darkgray

  • Fire Alarm

  • Fire Flames with prism ballast

  • Glowing Cat

  • Gray Enchants

  • Green Blood Fiber

  • Green Demon

  • Green Evolution

  • Green Fire

  • Green Glamour

  • Green Hurricane

  • Green Passion

  • Green Vampire

  • Hunter

  • Ice Crystal

  • Kiss of the Dragon

  • Lawngreen

  • Light blue

  • Magic Green Eye

  • Match Point

  • Mermaid Blue

  • Mini Sclera Black

  • Mini Sclera Volturi

  • Mini Sclera Zombie Night

  • Natural Grey

  • Navy Blue

  • Open your Eyes

  • Orange Explosion

  • Pentagramm

  • Point Break

  • Purple Hibiscus

  • Red Devil

  • Red Nights

  • Ring of Fire

  • Rising Bloom blue

  • Rising Bloom brown

  • Rising Bloom rose

  • Scary Spider

  • Scary Vampire

  • Scream

  • Sharingan Kakashis Mangekyou

  • Snappy Eye with prism ballast

  • Spooky Zombie

  • Steelblue Eye

  • Sun Salutation

  • Tempting Glow brown

  • Tempting Glow grey

  • The Blue Wonder

  • The Famous Five blue

  • The Famous Five brown

  • The Famous Five grey

  • The Famous Five green

  • The Famous Five lila

  • The Sharp Eye

  • Top Spin

  • UV Deep Blue

  • UV Fire In Your Eyes

  • UV Grashopper

  • UV Red In Your Eyes

  • UV Snow White

  • Vampire Fever

  • Volcano

  • Welcome to the Jungle

  • Werewolf

  • White Explosion

  • White Round Eyes

  • White Spotlight

  • White Star

  • White Vampire

  • Yellow UV Shock

  • Zebra Look blue

  • Zebra Look green

  • Zebra Look green

  • Zebra Look rose

  • Zombie Night

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Dispatching 20 Oct

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Details of FUN contact lenses (2 lenses)

FUN contact lenses are yearly colored contacts that will give your look a significantly change. We offer a wide range of colors with numerous motifs. Decorative contact lenses are an amazing fashion accessory for festive occasions: you can use them for carnivals, Halloween, theme parties, festivals and others. Due to the color covering of the lens, it is not recommended to wear them while driving. Also, not suitable for all-day wear.

Bright, natural or crazy coloured contact lenses? Find out which coloured contact lenses will suit you the best!

Aqua Blue, Aquamarine, Aristocat, Battlescar with prism ballast, Be on fire, Beautiful Brown, Big Round Eyes, Blood Drop, Bloody Zombie, Blue Fire, Blue Hurricane, Blue Ocean, Blue Vampire, Blue Wave, Brilliant blue, Brilliant brown, Butterfly Effect blue, Butterfly Effect brown, Butterfly Effect grey, Butterfly Effect green, Butterfly Effect purple, Cat In Fire with prism ballast, Cat In Pink, Cat´s Eye, Catwalk, Catwoman, Circle Around green, Clouds in the sky, Cold Blood, Dark Blood Drop, Demons Date, Devilish Cat green with prism ballast, Devilish Cat rosé with Prism ballast, Diamond Fever Darkgray, Fire Alarm, Fire Flames with prism ballast, Glowing Cat , Gray Enchants, Green Blood Fiber, Green Demon , Green Evolution, Green Fire, Green Glamour, Green Hurricane, Green Passion , Green Vampire, Hunter, Ice Crystal, Kiss of the Dragon, Lawngreen, Light blue, Magic Green Eye, Match Point, Mermaid Blue, Mini Sclera Black, Mini Sclera Volturi, Mini Sclera Zombie Night, Natural Grey, Navy Blue, Open your Eyes, Orange Explosion , Pentagramm, Point Break , Purple Hibiscus, Red Devil , Red Nights, Ring of Fire, Rising Bloom blue, Rising Bloom brown, Rising Bloom rose, Scary Spider, Scary Vampire, Scream, Sharingan Kakashis Mangekyou, Snappy Eye with prism ballast, Spooky Zombie , Steelblue Eye, Sun Salutation , Tempting Glow brown, Tempting Glow grey, The Blue Wonder, The Famous Five blue, The Famous Five brown, The Famous Five grey, The Famous Five green, The Famous Five lila, The Sharp Eye, Top Spin, UV Deep Blue, UV Fire In Your Eyes, UV Grashopper, UV Red In Your Eyes, UV Snow White, Vampire Fever, Volcano, Welcome to the Jungle, Werewolf, White Explosion, White Round Eyes, White Spotlight, White Star, White Vampire, Yellow UV Shock , Zebra Look blue, Zebra Look green, Zebra Look green, Zebra Look rose, Zombie Night

Product Details

ExpirationAt least 36 months
Lenses in a box:  2
Inside-out indicator No
Material Polyhema
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  42 %
Silicone Hydrogel:  No
UV filter:  No
Easy handling tint:  No
Diameter:  14.2, 14.5, 17.0
Base curve 8.6
Center thickness 0.07 - 0.13 mm
Weight: 37 g
Manufacturer:Aricona GmbH
Category:Coloured Contact Lenses
Yearly Disposable Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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