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Meller Bio-based: Sunglasses in harmony with nature

Meller Bio-based

Fast fashion determines our cabinets and accessory drawers. What was modern a month ago has already been replaced by a new trend today. However, the production of accessory and fashion items generates an immense amount of pollutants, emissions and plastics.

The Barcelona-based eyewear brand Meller has now found a concept to combat this pollution: the newly launched Meller Bio-based sunglasses are made of 45% renewable raw materials. Consequently, less waste and fewer emissions are generated. But as if that wasn't enough, the eco-friendly eyewear collection is also bursting with urban style and self-confidence.

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What are bio-based sunglasses?

We constantly hear about eco-friendly and bio-based products, but what do these terms even mean? And to what extent are they „better“ than conventional products and materials?

Answering these questions is not easy. After all, practically every brand has its own definition of „environmentally friendly“. What they all have in common, however, is an alternative approach to manufacturing. For bio-based eyewear, less environmentally harmful materials (such as plastic) are used. They are replaced by sustainable, natural or recycled alternatives. This means that it is not necessary to produce unsustainable new frame material that requires a lot of energy during production and would generate a lot of waste at the end of the glasses' life.

what are bio-based glasses?

Why do we need to switch to eco-friendly glasses?

Conventional glasses and sunglasses are usually made from a combination of materials such as plastic, metal and paint. That makes most glasses very hard to recycle so they are usually disposed of in landfills.

And since they are mostly made of non-biodegradable plastic, they’ll sit there for hundreds or even thousands of years – releasing toxic chemicals into our environment along the way.

It is therefore up to the eyewear industry to launch glasses and sunglasses that are made of sustainable materials. A few brands have already responded to the wake-up call of many consumers and activists. One of them: Meller.

What makes the Meller-Bio-based collection eco-friendly?

Meller's new bio-based line offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to many other eyewear collections, while reducing the use of unsustainable plastics. The frames are made from 45% natural-based materials, which reduces the use of fossil materials and carbon emissions. Thus, Meller Bio-based glasses:

  • are produced from renewable raw materials
  • save 30% energy during production
  • are “green” products
  • and promote the sustainable development

what makes Meller Bio-based glasses eco-friendly?

Are Meller's eco-friendly glasses also trendy and fashionable?

Meller is known for its urban and young styles. This concept is also reflected in the Bio-based collection. From trendy transparent frames to cheeky cat-eye shapes, you will find many fashionable designs – whether you want to wear your glasses in the office or a pair of sunnies in the park.

In short: Meller bio-based glasses stand for modernity and progressiveness. Not only because of their smart, sustainable materials, but also because of their stylish combination of urban design and youthful playfulness.

Last but not least: are recycled glasses safe at all?

Fair question. Can recycled or nature-based frames be as strong and robust as new materials?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. With recycled eyewear, you can do everything you've done with your previous glasses without sacrificing safety. In concrete terms, you can wear your Meller Bio-based glasses without any problems when driving a car or doing sports.

Tip: If you sit in front of a screen for many hours a day, you are exposed to a large amount of harmful blue light. Take a look at the Meller Blue light collection and protect your eyes with style and modern designs.