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How to correctly use a contact lens case?

When you have finally mastered the art of applying your contacts and can enjoy a beautiful, clear view of the world without glasses (except for sunglasses, those get a pass from us), the evening comes and you are getting ready for bed. Which means taking out your contact lenses to give your eyes some rest.

When not wearing your contacts, you should keep them in a hygienic case

It is much smaller than a glasses case, fits in every handbag, even the smallest designer one. Because contacts are exposed to various outside conditions and bacteria when in the eye, they need a clean soak. This is why you always have to keep the case clean, dry it properly after washing, fill it with suitable solution and close it tight.

Whether you have the same prescription for both eyes or not, you will be able to tell which lens goes where by the inscription on the case. L stands for left and R for right – it is important to always put them in the corresponding eye.


Did you know that the case needs to be replaced regularly? No? Well, now you do.

No need to worry – it’s inexpensive and definitely worth the clear view and healthy eyes. Plus, contact lens cases can be trendy! Which means you can hide the small standard one in a case the shape of:

Do you have a smart case yet It will remind you when to replace your contacts after their wear period has run out. Which applies mainly for bi-weekly contacts and monthlies because with daily contacts it is easy to remember when to put them in and throw them away (in the morning and in the evening) – or is it not? You don’t have to worry about which calendar to make a note, or that you might accidentally delete the reminder from your phone. But even with this case, hygiene is very important, because we all know that not all that glitters is gold.

So don’t forget to not only replace your contact lenses, but also the case. It is definitely worth it to have a bigger supply in case you lose one, or when a party gets out of hand and you crash at somebody else’s place.

When your eyes rest, it’s time for your contacts to do the same.

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