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Coloured contact lenses

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contact lenses are fun and unique lenses that function similarly to standard contacts. The difference is that coloured contacts feature a pattern printed onto the lens that is designed to mimic the natural appearance of the iris or change it completely.

Both non-prescription (no vision correction) and prescription coloured contacts are available, and they can be for everyday use or special occasions!

Which coloured contacts are best for my eye colour?

Not all coloured contacts produce the same effect. Think about what you want your eyes to look like when wearing coloured contacts! Do you want a bold change or something more subtle? The end result depends on your eye colour and the type of coloured contacts you choose.

Types of coloured contact lenses

There are three main types of coloured contacts to choose from, each with their own properties.

  • Enhancing lenses
  • Opaque
  • Patterned

Enhancing lenses produce a subtle effect. They add depth to your natural eye colour without changing it completely. Enhancing lenses can be used on both dark and light eye colours, however, they won't significantly lighten dark eyes. These are particularly great for making blue or green eyes look more intense by highlighting the rim of the iris and saturating the iris colour.

If you want to completely cover up your natural eye colour, opaque lenses are the way to go. There are good coloured contacts for brown eyes who want to make a big change while still looking natural. There are many colour options including hazel, violet, green and beyond.

For an even more dramatic change, patterned lenses come in almost any design you can imagine. Some retailers even offer custom creations so the possibilities are endless. Spooky, strange or outrageous designs are available. They are great for celebrations or fancy dress parties.

Where to buy coloured contact lenses

Buying coloured contacts online is a simple process. If you know what type you want, you'll be able to purchase them in no time!

You can easily order coloured contact lenses online at Lentiamo with or without prescription. In addition to many colour options, there are options with different wearing periods including daily, monthly and quarterly lenses.

If you already have a contact lens prescription, it can also be used to purchase coloured lenses.

Are coloured contacts safe?

With the widespread availability of coloured contact lenses in shops and online, it's important to know about coloured contact safety before buying and wearing them.

When purchased from a reputable retailer and used as directed, coloured contacts are safe to use! Your eyecare professional should examine your eyes to see if you're a good candidate for contact lenses if you haven't worn lenses before.

It's important to treat coloured contact lenses like you would any standard lens. Do not share them and do not use them beyond the recommended wearing time designated by the manufacturer. If your eyes become irritated, stop use to prevent further irritation or infections.

High-quality and safe coloured contact lenses aren't sold in novelty or fancy dress shops. While it might be tempting to pick up a pair, this can harm your eyes.

Best coloured contact lens brands for you

If you're not familiar with contact lens brands, it's important to consult your eyecare professional if you plan to wear coloured contacts. They'll be able to recommend the best brand for your eyes and needs. Whether they're for everyday use or a special occasion, there are many options! The best coloured contact brand for you also depends on your preference and style.

Some of the most popular coloured contact lens brands are Adore, ColourVue and Freshlook.

How long do coloured contacts last?

You can choose from daily, monthly and quarterly coloured contacts, which are all available at Lentiamo. Refer to the manufacturer's recommended wearing period to keep your eyes safe!

Dailies are a great way to change up your look without having to worry about cleaning and contact lens solution. You can dispose of them at the end of the day and grab a new pair the next. If you plan to sport your new eye colour for longer, monthly and quarterly lenses are great options.

Coloured contact lenses for Halloween

While many coloured contact designs mimic natural iris colours, Halloween contact lenses often come in theatrical patterns and outrageous colours. Blackout, cat eye and even chequered are some fun lenses that are available.

Coloured contacts aren't just for fancy dress but are for everyday use as well! They are also popular for cosplay, theatre, television and movies. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do coloured contact lenses work?

A coloured contact lens is divided into three homocentric circles: the outer segment of the lens, the middle segment with the printed colour, and the lens centre, which is transparent.

The printed segment covers the iris to change your eye colour whilst allowing room for the pupil to dilate and contract. Eyes naturally have different variations in colours and patterns - enhancing and opaque coloured contacts aim to achieve this for a more natural look.

Do coloured contacts affect vision?

It's possible that coloured contacts could affect vision whilst wearing them. In low-light conditions when the pupil dilates to take in more light, the pupil can expand beyond the transparent centre of the lens. Bring along your glasses or another pair of contacts if you're wearing coloured lenses for the first time! If you dislike the way coloured contacts look or feel, you can easily change them out and try another time.

Do you need a prescription for coloured contact lenses?

You don't need a prescription to wear coloured contact lenses. However, you need to have an eye examination before you can wear contacts. Your eyecare professional will determine the proper fit and best type for your eyes and needs.

Coloured contacts are available with or without power. If you need coloured contact lenses to correct your vision, you will need a prescription (your regular contact lens prescription will work).

Can I wear coloured contacts with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses when wearing non-prescription coloured contacts! Daily and monthly coloured contacts are a great way to change your eye colour whilst still wearing your favourite spectacles.

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