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Lenjoy contact lenses

Enjoy Lenjoy! The cutting-edge contact lenses of the popular brand boast excellent wearing comfort, outstanding visual performance and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Available as daily lenses, monthly lenses and extended wear contact lenses, Lenjoy offers you exactly what you need.

Lenjoy offers best lenses at best prices

Let us introduce Lenjoy to you in more detail. The popular contact lenses offer not only exceptional visual performance, but also long-lasting comfort and optimal eye health. With their biocompatible hydration technology, non-slip surface, UV protection and light blue tint for easy application, Lenjoys are a smart choice for every lens wearer - whether you prefer dailies, monthlies or extended wear lenses.

What are the special features of Lenjoy 1 Day Comfort dailies?

Lenjoy 1 Day Comfort are daily disposable lenses from Lenjoy. Our customers love their high water content and the resulting oxygen permeability. Their unique design features a double-thin rim that allows water and oxygen to circulate around the eye. The lens stays in place without uncomfortable rubbing against the eyelid when blinking. The risk of irritation is thus minimised.

That’s not all. The unique aspheric shape of the lens reduces spherical aberration and supports visual acuity even in low light conditions.

What are the advantages of Lenjoy Monthly Comfort monthly lenses?

Lenjoy offers you high-quality monthly lenses called Lenjoy Monthly Comfort. These monthlies offer excellent value for money, as confirmed by our customers: according to their reviews, they have never bought a monthly lens with such pleasant water content and excellent UV filter at such a low price as Lenjoy.

The contacts feature an exclusive moisture technology that binds water and keeps the lenses fresh and moist throughout the day. This is because the lenses form a hydrogen bond with the water so that the molecules become part of the lens and prevent dryness.

And what distinguishes Lenjoy Monthly Day & Night extended wear lenses?

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce you to the extended wear contact lenses Lenjoy Monthly Day & Night. These unique contacts are so-called continuous lenses that you can wear all month long without interruption. You simply insert them at the beginning of the month and take them out again after 30 days.

This gives you freedom that you don't know as a contact lens wearer. Not only do you wear the lenses all day long without any problems, you can even sleep with Lenjoy Monthly Day & Night without harming your eyes! Please consult your ophthalmologist beforehand, who will check whether extended wear contact lenses are suitable for you.

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