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Contact lens solutions

Lens care solutions

There are two types of solutions for your contact lens care: multipurpose contact lens solutions and hydrogen peroxide-based solutions .

Multipurpose contact lens solutions are also called "no-rub" solutions, since they both clean and disinfect lenses, without having to mechanically rub the lenses to remove the deposits of lipids, proteins or calcium.

Still, a light rubbing after moistening them, will ensure a more effective cleaning.

Multipurpose contact lens solutions are designed to clean, rinse, store and refresh contact lenses. Multipurpose contact lens solutions are easier to use and less expensive than peroxide-based solutions.

Hydrogen peroxide-based lens care solutions involve placing the lenses into the lens holder inside the case, pouring the peroxide-based solution inside the case and closing it for the time indicated in the product's package insert.

This lens care system requires solution neutralization prior to wearing the lenses. Avoid contact of eye with non-neutralized solution.

There are solutions with a cylindrical case, which contains a disk that starts neutralizing the solution immediately. This is called the one-step hydrogen peroxide-based lens care system.

In two-step system, the contact lenses are kept in the hydrogen peroxide for a period of time, as indicated on the package insert leaflet. A neutralizer is then added to the case to convert the disinfectant to saline.

For those allergic or sensitive to preservatives, the hydrogen peroxide lens care system is recommended. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are preservative-free, as opposed to multipurpose solutions, which may contains preservatives.





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