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Do you purchase contact lenses on a regular basis? Try our new regular shipping service!

Easily set up regular and personalised shipments of your lenses. Free yourself once and for all from having to remember (and repeat!) your usual order. Your lenses will always arrive when you need them. Simplify your life and save time, just as many other Lentiamo friends already do!

Save on your purchases

Not only will you save time and no longer have to worry about manually creating your orders, you'll also get a discount with regular shipping of contact lenses. If you wear contacts every day, you can save up to 3% a year.

Simplify your life and never run out of contact lenses

Your lenses will always be in stock and we'll ship them on your chosen date, so you get them exactly when you need them.

You can always change or cancel a delivery date

We'll notify you three days before shipment via SMS and email. You can postpone or cancel your shipment at any time.

Your order can be changed at any time

Even if you've set up regular shipments of your contact lenses, you can change the contents of the order, add other items, and even add free gifts and bonus products. You can also change your delivery address as often as you like.

How do I subscribe to regular shipping?

For existing Lentiamo customers

If you're already our customer, you're halfway there! All you need to do is log in, access the Client section and set up regular shipping based on your previous order.

Set up regular shipping

For new customers

If it's your first time shopping from us, don't worry. It will be possible to subscribe to regular shipping and easily set the parameters during the checkout process.

  1. Add the contact lenses (or solution) you want to receive regularly to your cart. For any other items you'd like to receive only with your current order, tick the "One-time order" box.

  2. Click on the "Subscribe to regular shipping" button under the cart. You can choose how often your lenses are sent.

  3. Select the payment method and shipping method.

  4. Regular shipping has been set up. From now on, we'll always inform you three days before your shipment.

Frequently asked questions

Can I postpone the delivery date if I won't be home?

If you know you won't be available during a certain period of time, you can change the delivery date (or delivery address) in advance in your Client section. In addition, we'll send you an SMS three days before the expected shipping date, so you'll have enough time to adapt the upcoming shipment to your current needs or cancel it.

When are payments made?

It depends on the payment method you've selected. If you've chosen to store your card details, your account will be charged automatically on the day of shipment. In other cases, we'll send you a payment request three days before the expected shipment.

Is it possible to stop regular shipping?

Yes, you can cancel your regular shipping at any time through the Client section. Alternatively, if the date of the next shipment is not suitable for your needs, you can postpone it or temporarily change the delivery location.

I use toric lenses. Oftentimes, they're not in stock and I have to wait to receive them. Can I count on the lenses arriving on the expected date if I choose regular shipping?

Yes! With regular shipping, you can forget about waiting times and count on the lenses arriving on time. Products with longer delivery times (such as toric lenses or custom-made lenses) will be ordered by us well in advance, directly from the manufacturers.

If I move or go on holiday, is it possible to change the delivery address or collection point?

The address or collection point can be changed at any time during the year through the Client section. You can also contact our customer service for assistance. Changes can be made as a one-time change or permanently. Regular shipping is designed to make your life easier so you never have to worry about your lenses again.

Can I order the solutions, freebies, and bonus products along with regular shipping products?

Certainly. You'll be able to include any additional items with your regular shipment, including bonus products.