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Bonus scheme

Lentiamo bonus scheme

Collect bonus points with every purchase

Looking for accessories that provide maximum comfort for your eyes? Then collect Lentiamo bonus points and get great equipment for free!

To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you an extensive bonus programme that you can take advantage of with almost every purchase.

Fancy free bonus products?

Check out what Lentiamo has in store for you.

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How to collect bonus points at Lentiamo

  1. For every euro you spend with us, you will receive 2.5 bonus points. Each product indicates how many bonus points you will receive after purchase. This does not apply to spectacles and sunglasses.
  2. Want to collect bonus points already now? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 50 bonus points!
  3. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@lentiamo) and use the hashtag #Lentiamo to show off your latest favourite product. Then send us a message with your post and earn 50 bonus points!
  4. Make it easy to log in and link your customer account to your Facebook page and receive 75 bonus points!

Good to know: You can redeem your bonus points from your first order, you don't have to wait for the second one. And if you don't want to redeem all of them at once, that's no problem either!

Your points will be saved in your account and you can redeem them whenever you want. They are valid for a whole year.

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Please note that by tagging us in a post, you give us the right to re-share your post and mention you in it. The bonus programme only applies to Lentiamo customers.