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Ray-Ban Everglasses: Clear lenses with a blue light filter

Vojtěch Brtinský

Medically reviewed by Vojtěch Brtinský, Optometrist, on 5 Jan 2021. Written by Leonie Bauer

Finally, they're here, the new Ray-Ban Everglasses!

The cutting-edge blue light glasses collection sets new standards in the spectacle market and boasts a sleek and urban design that will meet your personal style and individual taste. If you don't need eye correction but want to protect your eyes, then this prefabricated product without dioptres is just right for you!

Ophthalmologists, as well as true Ray-Ban fans, love the new eyeglasses because of their advanced blue light filter. It allows you to use your computer, mobile phone or TV on a daily basis without harming your eyes.

But that's not all. Read more about the latest Ray-Ban innovation on the Lentiamo blog!

Ray-Ban Everglasses are available as ready-to-wear blue light glasses

Ray-Ban designs and Ray-Ban frames have always been real eye-catchers. They radiate timeless coolness, powerful colours and superior protection. In addition to their fashionable designs, the new Everglasses stand out because of their advanced blue light protection.

So when you buy a pair of Clear Lenses with Blue Filter, you get a pair of non-prescription blue light glasses with clear lenses that protect you from blue light waves emitted by digital screens.

Ray-Ban Everglasses for women

Spectacles with a blue light filter help to reduce eye fatigue and burning, they minimise brightness for a more comfortable view and they improve contrast for more natural colours. Thus they offer eye protection along with optimal visual comfort. The Everglasses blue filter is designed to reduce the risk of eye strain by minimising screen light and indoor lighting. The quality eyewear blocks 20% of blue light between 380 and 450 NM (based on current scientific evidence).

This allows all adults and teenagers who spend a lot of time in front of digital devices to protect their eyes.

You no longer have to worry about long hours in front of the laptop or tablet – Ray-Ban Everglasses are the only accessory you need at work – and anywhere near a digital screen.

Ray-Ban Everglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection

Yes, you've read correctly. The Clear Lenses with Blue Filter from the Everglasses collection perfectly protect your eyes from blue light AND sunlight. This is because the shades are equipped with an excellent UV filter in their lenses that is active around the clock – regardless of whether you are standing in the blazing sun or simply in a bright room flooded with light.

Ray-Ban Everglasses feature high-quality mineral and polyamide lenses

But that's not all. The Everglasses collection not only protects you from sunlight and blue light. One of their biggest benefits are their high-quality and incredibly precise lenses made of mineral glass and polyamide. They are distortion-free and scratch-resistant, so you can rely on technical excellence and durability.

See all the advantages of the Ray-Ban clear lenses at a glance

Ray-Ban Clear Lenses with Blue FIlter guarantee

  • blue light protection that filters blue light from digital screens
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • and front-side light cosmetic treatment
Ray-Ban Everglasses for men

What are you waiting for? Order Ray-Ban glasses at Lentiamo and benefit from the most convenient shopping experience and competitive prices.

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