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Curvature of contact lenses

After the optical power, this is the second most important factor for the selection of contact lenses. On the package you will find under the brand BC with given numerical value (eg. 8.6 BC, BC 8.3). This value can also be found on the blister with the contact lens.

The curvature of the contact lens corresponds to the „curvature of the eye“ and should as much as possible to copy the curvature of the cornea that theoptometrist can measure during the examination. It also checks the fit of the lens on the cornea of a slit lamp.

Is curved contact lenses for more than just the cornea? Irregular bending contact lenses can cause various health problems – burning eyes, blurred vision, eye inflammation of the mucous membranes. Remember that the cornea is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and each of its damage can lead to irreversible changes of the eye.


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