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Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde (6 lenses)

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Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde reviews:
90 % based on 12 reviews

I use my contact lens every day and those are the best and most comfortable ones.
Excellent for use in hot humid climates.

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Details of Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde (6 lenses)

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde are spherical monthly contact lenses from Alcon. They are using the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix technology which ensures that the lens surface stays hydrated throughout the day.

The contacts guarantee high oxygen permeability and their unique SmartShield technology protects them from getting damaged and resists lipid deposits. A big advantage of the Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde contacts is the fact that they can be occasionally worn continuously, day and night, for up to 6 days, they retain moisture and are resistant to lipid deposits.

Users of the Air Optix Aqua contacts can start using the new Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde lenses without a new prescription.

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This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

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Product Details

Expiration: At least 11 months
Lenses in a box:  6
Inside-out indicator:  No
Material:  Lotrafilcon B
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  33 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  138 Dk/t
Silicone Hydrogel:  Yes
UV filter:  No
Easy handling tint:  No
Diameter:  14.2
Power:  from -12.0 to +8.0
Base curve:  8.6
Elastic modulus:  1.0 MPa
Center thickness:  0.08 mm
Weight: 17 g
Category:Monthly Contact Lenses
Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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Comments about Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde (6 lenses) Add a question

  • Evija J.

    I ordered those contact lenses from another company (FeelGoodContacts) and I found them not really comfortable , wearing them for few hours they was giving me some discomfort

    • Georgios Masouras

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      The feeling of discomfort when wearing a certain lens type can be due to a variety of reasons. The best and most important step is to make sure you have a recent contact lens prescription a certified doctor or optician, and that the prescription matches the lens parameters above.

      Values such as the base curve (‘BC’), and of course the sign (plus or minus) are very important when choosing the right lens; you may also want to explore options with a higher water content or oxygen permeability, as they can affect the level of comfort/hydration and cleanliness a lens provides, respectively.

      Finally, it is always expected for lenses to naturally become slightly more uncomfortable to wear over time, as they slowly lose their water-retention capabilities; this tendency will be exacerbated if one sleeps wearing their lenses, or does not practice a good regime of care (placing lenses in their solution following every application).


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Lenses are great but the time they took to get it here was far too long.
Since I came to UK I always been ordering my contact lenses from lentiamo and I couldn't be more happy. Never had any problems. Would highly recommend for everyone
Great service and communication! Fast delivery and great pricing, I will never buy lenses anywhere else!