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ColourVUE Big Eyes (2 lenses)

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ColourVUE Big Eyes reviews:
85 % based on 25 reviews

these make my eyes look really pretty and its not too strong that it makes you look weird
Nice and comfortable, great for the price.
Nice colored contact lens, easy to use..
Been using these daily for years, love them
Very comfortable lenses, bought for a party and they did not disappoint. Received many compliments and will definitely buy again!
Contact lenses were too big for my eyeballs. Could not insert them or return them.
Very comfortable, looks good...highly recommended
If your ur minus power it won't be big eyes it just normal size
Always buy these lenses as they are very comfortable and make my eyes look so nice
Purchased sweet honey colourvue big eyes.
I have naturally dark eyes and asian skin and these perfectly make my eyes pop in a subtle way.
Love them
Because the lens is thicker than a daily disposable it takes a little getting used to but once you have worn them for a couple of minutes you no longer notice them. I also find due to the thickness they are also easier than a daily disposable to handle & tell the right way round. I would recommend a colour lens as they are easily find in the storage case and if you rub your eyes like me & occasionally fold a lens up under your eyelid it's much easier to find & remove. The one negative I would say is that I can't wear them quite as long in the day as a disposable one
I only wear these when going out or when i dress up smart to make a want to make a bigger impact and impression.
Great Product, great value!
I'd recommend this product to everyone who wants bigger eyes, they are amazing and everyone always compliments me about them.
The Best Dioptric Lenses in the UK. Highstreet shops can't offer these colour options or lense diametres.nThe colour density is really high spec. Loved them on and definitely want more!
Lenses are really good quality and very comfortable, as a cosplayer I'd recommend them to all my friends!
Awful, false looking, waste of money, already in the bin
Makes eyes look amazing
It is comfortable.
Comfortable and look great
I have used the dolly black lenses and have found that one of the lenses is starting to loose some colour on the -2.25 However this is not noticeable while in use. I have already passed the deatils of the website to a friend who wears lenses as welln
Good quality
Use them for worknClients & friends love the look
Fantastic colour, though not as strong and brilliant as in the pictures. Personally I can feel the edges scratch lightly on my eyes, which I find a bit annoying, but that might be just because I'm used to wearing daylies on a regular basis.
Lovely coloured lenses,not as bright as I expected, but made my eyes look huge!

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Details of ColourVUE Big Eyes (2 lenses)

ColourVUE Big Eyes coloured contact lenses by MaxVUE Vision will pleasantly surprise you with their distinctive way of blending the natural colour of your eyes, while bringing out and defining the iris. With Big Eyes contact lenses and their beautiful hues, you may achieve incredibly interesting results, as the final look is partially affected by the natural colour of your eyes.

Big Eyes hydrogel lenses are designed for everyday wear with a 3-month replacement period. Please note that Sweet Honey from the ColourVUE Big Eyes 'Phantasee' edition should be replaced monthly.

The technology employed in these lenses guarantees excellent oxygen permeability and safety for the eyes, as there is no contact between the lens colouring and the eye itself.

The diameter of the lenses varies, depending on the colour:

  • diameter 14.0 – Pretty Hazel, Sexy Brown
  • diameter 15.0 – Cool Blue, Party Green, Sweet Honey

The ColourVUE Big Eyes contact lenses in the colours Lovely Grey, Awesome Black, Dolly Black, Ultra Violet and Angel Hazel are no longer in production. 

This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Bright, natural or crazy coloured contact lenses? Find out which coloured contact lenses will suit you the best!

Cool Blue, Party Green, Pretty Hazel, Sexy Brown, Sweet Honey


Expiration: At least 11 months
Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer
Easy handling tint: No
Extended wear: No
Water content: 45 %
Oxygen transmissibility: 22 Dk/t
UV filter: No
Silicone hydrogel: No
Inside-out indicator: No
Lenses in a box: 2
Power: from -8.0 to -0.5
Diameter: 14.0, 15.0
Base curve: 8.6
Center thickness: 0.06 mm
Elastic modulus: 0.47 MPa
Weight: 17 g

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  • Elfi C.

    Are they soft or hard lens?

    • Anna

      Dear Elfi,

      Thank you for your comment.
      These are soft contact lenses.

      Best regards,


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