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DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal (90 lenses)

Contact Lenses Daily Multifocal Alcon Dailies

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DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal reviews:
95 % based on 16 reviews

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Details of DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal (90 lenses)

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal from Alcon are comfortable and reliable multifocal contact lenses intended for clear vision at all distances. These advanced daily contact lenses are designed to correct the eye condition presbyopia

Their unique Precision Profile Design ensures a smooth progression of power gradients for clear, uninterrupted near, intermediate, and distance vision.

Main benefits

These trusted DAILIES contacts are engineered to benefit presbyopic users. What other advantages do they offer?

  • Continuous moisture – Blink-activated moisture technology promotes all-day comfort with every blink.
  • Stable vision correction – Precision Profile Design ensures predictable, seamless vision correction.
  • Convenient replacement – Daily replacement schedule allows for a fresh pair of contact lenses each day.
  • Replacement for reading glasses – These multifocals correct vision at all distances, eliminating the need for reading glasses for viewing objects up close.
  • Highly comfortable – The hydrogel material Nelfilcon A offers great comfort and durability.

Who are DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal for?

Which presbyopic wearers can benefit from DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal lenses?

  • Those who need to see clearly at all distances.
  • Those who don’t want to wear glasses or reading or varifocal glasses.
  • Those who prefer the convenience and freedom of daily disposable lenses.

Frequently asked questions

How long can you wear DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal?

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal can only be worn for one day. They must be removed each night after each wear and replaced with a fresh pair each morning.

Can you sleep in DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal?

No, you cannot sleep in DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal. They must be removed after each use. Sleeping with contacts is not recommended unless your eye care specialist has determined that certain extended wear contacts might be right for you.

What is the difference between a 30-pack and 90-pack of DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal?

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal come in two package variants, a 30-pack and a 90-pack. If one lens is used per day, 30-packs will last 30 days and 90-packs will last 90 days.

A 30-pack has the lowest upfront cost. The smaller size is a good option if you wear contacts infrequently. However, a 90-pack saves money in the long run since the price per lens decreases with the larger package size.

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This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Product Details

Expiration: At least 35 months
Material:  Nelfilcon A
Easy handling tint:  Yes
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  69 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  26 Dk/t
UV filter:  No
Silicone Hydrogel:  No
Inside-out indicator:  No
Lenses in a box:  90
Power:  from -10.0 to +6.0
Diameter:  14
Base curve:  8.7
Add:  Low to +1.25, Medium from +1.50 to +2.00, High from +2.25 to +2.50
Center thickness:  0.10 mm
Elastic modulus:  0.89 MPa
Weight: 234 g

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