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DAILIES Total 1 (30 lenses) + Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ 10 lenses free

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New DAILIES Total 1 (30 lenses) + Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ 10 lenses free
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Details of DAILIES Total 1 (30 lenses) + Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ 10 lenses free

Dailies Total 1 by Alcon are the first contact lenses with variable water content for the correction of myopia and hyperopia. Their innovative design allows for high moisture exactly where your eyes need it, as they retain more water (more than 80%) at the surface. The exclusive SmarTears technology releases an ingredient similar to natural tears, contributing to the stabilisation of the tear film by reducing moisture evaporation. These contacts are made of a modern silicone hydrogel material that provides an astounding oxygen permeability and a silky-smooth feel that ensures the best comfort throughout the day.

Other than Dailies Total 1 spherical lenses, within the Alcon Dailies range you will find many options, designed for the correction of all the common visual impairments such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Benefits of DAILIES Total 1 contact lenses

Looking for outstanding features and excellent visual performance? Discover all the benefits of DAILIES Total 1 contacts:

  • Constant moisture – thanks to the exclusive Water Gradient technology that maintains the correct levels of hydration all day long.
  • Smooth and comfortable – the silky low-friction surface feels soft and pleasant even after 16 hours of wear.
  • Healthier and fresher eyes – the innovative silicone hydrogel material ensures excellent breathability, allowing more oxygen to reach the cornea.
  • Highest level of hygiene and no maintenance required – because of their daily replacement schedule, you can grab a fresh pair of lenses every time you need them.
  • No more dry eyes – the special SmarTears technology, inspired by natural tears, provides constant moisture while you wear your lenses.

Who are DAILIES Total 1 contacts for?

DAILIES Total 1 are soft disposable designed for wearers who:

Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ daily contact lenses are designed to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. In addition to the benefits of the silicone hydrogel material, they feature UV protection, high oxygen permeability, and a light blue tint for easier handling. These high-quality Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ lenses provide excellent visual performance and long-lasting wearing comfort.

Main benefits

Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ are silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with a wide range of advantages. What main features do they offer to their wearers?

  • High comfort – The high water content in the lenses is crucial for comfortable use.
  • Silicone hydrogel material – Highly breathable silicone hydrogel is of the healthiest materials used to make contact lenses.
  • Convenient replacement period – Daily contact lenses allow you to use a new pair every day, making wear hygienic for the eyes and comfortable for the wearer.
  • Easy handling – The light blue tint makes the lenses easy to handle.
  • Protection from UV rays – The Toulfilcon B silicone hydrogel material incorporates a Class 2 UV filter for added protection from ultraviolet rays.

The UV filter in contact lenses increases the protection of the cornea against dangerous ultraviolet radiation. However, the lenses do not cover the whole eye area, nor the entire eye region, so a combination of contact lenses with UV filter and sunglasses is the ideal protection against harmful UV rays.

Who are Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ for?

Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ are suitable for anyone who are looking for comfort and ease of use. They are suitable for:

  • Those who are short-sighted (myopia) or far-sighted (hyperopia).
  • Those who live an active lifestyle.
  • Those who prefer the convenience of daily contact lenses.
  • Those who prefer a daily wearing routine.

Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ contact lenses are a possible alternative for:

  • MyDay daily disposable
  • Bausch + Lomb ULTRA
  • 1-DAY Acuvue TruEye
  • DAILIES Total 1
  • Precision1

Frequently asked questions

How long can you wear Lenjoy 1 Day Air+?

Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ contact lenses are designed for daily use only and should be discarded at the end of the day. These lenses are designed to provide comfort and clarity throughout the day, making them an ideal choice for people with busy lifestyles. Your eye care professional can provide you with more accurate recommendations for daily wear.

Can you sleep in Lenjoy 1 Day Air+?

No, Lenjoy 1 Day Air+ contacts cannot be slept in. These daily disposable lenses are designed to be worn during the day and removed each night. Sleeping in contacts that aren’t intended for extended wear can increase the risk of eye infections and other complications. Speak with your eye care specialist if you’re curious about options for sleeping in contact lenses.

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This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.


Expiration: At least 23 months
Material: Delefilcon A
Easy handling tint: Yes
Extended wear: No
Water content: 33 %
Oxygen transmissibility: 156 Dk/t
UV filter: No
Silicone hydrogel: Yes
Inside-out indicator: No
Lenses in a box: 30
Power: from -12.0 to +6.0
Diameter: 14.1
Base curve: 8.5
Center thickness: 0.09 mm
Elastic modulus: 0.71 MPa
Weight: 171 g

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