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FreshLook ColorBlends (2 lenses)

Contact Lenses Coloured Alcon Freshlook

based on 16 reviews

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FreshLook ColorBlends reviews:
92 % based on 16 reviews

Freshlook, looks very natural and get complimented all the time.
I like this product
This is the first time i have used your website and it most definitely will be the last. Infact if i could give you 0 stars rating i would much rather do that. I ordered some prescription contact lenses from your site, with standard diamater selected from your website. Maybe it was wishful thinking but as with any normal shop I was expecting to recieve 1 pack of contact lenses with the same diamater, however I did not and recieved 2 different sized contact lenses - 1 smaller than the other. When i was wearing them it cuased me great discomfort as the smaller one kept falling out and moving around and became very itchy. However, since you seem to advertise great customer service I both emailed and then rang customer services and spoke to someone regarding this issue I was told one on the phone you cannot refund opened boxes even if t he product is faulty but will replace the item for correct size which is what i paid for. However i was angry then to get an email saying this will not happen and you cannot do anything about the faulty product I just have to buy new pair? But this is clearly outrageous as when you order shoes in size 5 - but then recieve 1 foot as size 5 and 1 foot as size 4- that doesnt make sense and clearly the company has to provide you same size like what you ordered? This is complete utter rubbish and i will leave as many negative reviews all over internet and everywhere to inform people what a rubbish and useless company you are who provide faulty products and refuse to refund them.
Good, although my eyes get dry quickly while wearing them
Highly recommend these lenses, comfortable to wear, subtle colour on top of Grey/blue eyes, could possibly go bolder next time.
Very good lenses.
The quality of the product is fantastic, to anyone struggling with contact lenses or wanting to have a bit of a change by getting some coloured contact lenses I would definitely recommend these
I´ve been using Freshlook lenses for many years and I am very satisfied.
Excellent quality
The Vibrant Views ColorBlends (Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green and Sterling Silver) are absolutely amazing. I have dark brown eyes and they show up amazingly! They look really natural (just not on me since I'm asian) and definitely last comfortable for the month for me. My eyes are a bit red by the end of the day but I spend my day looking at boards in class, computer screens, phones and NEVER put eye drops in and they are still comfortable for the day. If I wasn't so lazy and actually put eye drops in, I'm sure they'd be fine (I have naturally dry eyes anyway). I really enjoy wearing them - was suppose to wear them on special occasions and couldn't stop.
I'm new to these lenses, feel I may take a while to get accustomed, but they work ok, although i've probably picked a colour too near my own (turquoise)to be noticeable, but that's my fault. Would happily try a pair in brighter blue in future.
I am familiar with the brand of these lenses but for the first time I ordered this exact color. Honestly I am a bit disappointed of the color because wearing lenses it becomes much darker. My main idea is to correct my eye sight since I wear dioptric ofcourse but I would also like to know in advance how the color would fit to my natural eye color. May be if there is an example chart in the web shope before complete the purchase would be helpful.
daily, slightly uncomfortable at the begining of the day or end of the day, I guess depends on how tired the eyes are.
the colorblend is perfect no one notices that i got contact lenses on
Really like these contacts. I have dark brown eyes and these look pretty good on me. I would say, though, that they are quite big. I have since tried the Freshlook One Day contacts and they are a much better fit for me personally, but in general, this is a good product.

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Details of FreshLook ColorBlends (2 lenses)

FreshLook ColorBlends (2 lenses) – dioptric. Some of the most popular coloured contact lenses on the market, FreshLook Colorblends dioptric lenses from Alcon are comfortable to wear, correct vision, and enhance natural eye colour.

The UV filter in contact lenses increases the protection of the cornea from the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. However, lenses do not cover the entire eye or eye area, so the combination of contact lenses that have UV filter and sunglasses is the ideal protection against harmful UV rays.

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This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Bright, natural or crazy coloured contact lenses? Find out which coloured contact lenses will suit you the best!

Amethyst, Blue, Briliant Blue, Chestnut Brown, Gemstone Green, Gray, Green, Honey, Pure Hazel, Sterling Grey, True Sapphire, Turquoise

Product Details

Material:  Phemfilcon A
Easy handling tint:  Yes
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  55 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  20 Dk/t
UV filter:  Yes
Silicone Hydrogel:  No
Inside-out indicator:  No
Lenses in a box:  2
Power:  from -8.0 to +6.0
Diameter:  14.5
Base curve:  8.6
Center thickness:  0.08 mm
Elastic modulus:  0.35 MPa
Weight: 16 g

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