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Horien Aqua Comfort 15 ml

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Horien Aqua Comfort 15 ml reviews: 91 %based on 14 reviews

Good enough.
All yes
Handy for refreshing my dry eyes.
I thought these would be just more eyedrops - wrong! These are the best eyedrops I've tried so far (and that's quite a few). New to wearing contacts my eyes can get quite sore - traditional drops made it worse - these were like velvet gloves for your eyes.
Fine, but individual vials would have been better due to the 30-day expiry day
Very good eye drops. I would recommend.
Not yet tried but expecting good product quality
I'm currently out of lenses n on my last pair.. Helps them stay wet and vision still perfect!
I often suffer from dry eyes due to a combination of age and central heating! These drops ease the condition with no harmful additives.
This product is excellent for use with contact lens - highly recommended!

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Details of Horien Aqua Comfort 15 ml

Horien Aqua Comfort moisturising eye drops by Horien Contact Lens Co., Ltd are designed for all types of soft contact lenses. They provide long-lasting comfort and immediate relief for tired and dry eyes. They retain moisture, prevent the eyes from drying out, decrease feelings of discomfort and support tear production.

Their special formula based on the sodium hyluronate substance reduces feelings of dryness, irritation caused by dust, air pollution or fatigue while improving the comfort of wearing lenses during the day. The drops also decrease dry eye symptoms linked to heated or air-conditioned places.

Horien Aqua Comfort eye drops significantly prolong comfort of wear, even in the case of contacts with longer periods of use. They can be used with contact lenses in.

Product Details

ExpirationAt least 12 months
Period after opening:  30 days
For use with lenses:  Yes
Package:  vial
Volume:  15 ml
Weight: 23 g
Manufacturer:HAICHANG contact lens CO., LT
Category:Eye Drops
Preservatives:PHMB – polyhydroximethylbiguanid
Boric Acid

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