Do you know how to choose the right sport sunglasses?

How to pick the right sunglasses for sport?

For top athletes, it's clear: sport glasses have to be adjustable, have an aerodynamic shape, provide 100% optical correction, have an advanced anti-fog system and even a photochromic finish. But what if you only exercise for fun? Are there sunglasses you could use for jogging, skiing, cycling, mountain climbing or hiking? The answer is yes. Below you will find some tips about how to pick the right type.

Follow the motto “Safety first”

Sturdiness, endurance, functionality. These are the three main qualities you should focus on. The glasses should be impact-resistant, shouldn't slide down your nose or fall. In case of damage, they shouldn't pose a danger to your eyes. Plastic frames are better than metal ones because those can hurt your eyes or face when they break. Plastic (polycarbonate) should also be used for lenses – as opposed to glass, it is shatter-proof which means no sharp pieces to damage your eye sight.

Don't forget about protection from UV radiation

Bike in summer, skis or snowboard in winter. Do you prefer hiking or golf? No matter what you do, these activities have one thing in common – they keep you outside in the sun. When choosing sunglasses for your favourite sport, make sure you pay attention to their ability to protect you from UV radiation. UV rays are not just dangerous in summer, they can significantly damage eye sight in autumn or winter as well – grey skies are no obstacle for UV radiation. In the mountains in winter, sunglasses with a high enough UV filter also protect your eyes from radiation that is reflected from snow or icy surfaces. Sunglasses make the perfect accessory for slopes, cross-country skiing as well as skating. Choose sunglasses labelled UV400 – such protection is able to block rays with wavelength up to 400 nanometers and guarantees 100% protection against all UV radiation.

Our tips for sport sunglasses?

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